Live Better by Eliminating Meat from Your Diet

Eliminating Meat from Your Diet | Living Better

Live Better by Eliminating Meat from Your Diet

Eliminating Meat from Your Diet | Plan Your Meals

What if I tell you that you can live a far better life by eliminating meat out of your diet?

Not only your longevity matters a lot, as life is also more about quality than quantity, and our dietary choices make a significant impact on it.

Meat has become a staple for a vast majority of people worldwide. In part because it is linked with some health benefits, but it is also the possible cause for enormous hazards.

The way our diet has evolved over the last few decades, our planet’s survival seemingly is becoming more challenging.

The reliance on meat, dairy, and other animal-based food items will put an unnecessary burden on the ever-depleting natural resources of the planet, along with dire health consequences.

But is it possible to achieve optimal health by avoiding or excluding meat from our diet?

How Eliminating Meat could be Good for my Health?

The World Health Organization declared meat to be probably carcinogenic to humans in its report published in 2015.

That is because it proliferates the risk of cancer in the colon and rectum at an estimated ratio of 18%.

It is now a proven fact that not only processed meat is harmful, but rather all kinds of meat can be as well.

According to Our World in Data, the global average meat consumption has more than quadrupled since 1961.

It has grown 15-fold in China, and the rates in Brazil have nearly quadrupled.

In terms of most meat consumption, the US and Australia top the table with more than 100kg consumption per person.

Moreover, meat affects our health in terms of damaging the environment as well.

According to stats, more than half of food emissions come from animal products.

The gas emissions in greenhouses due to meat consumption escalated at approximately 18,071,988 tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

It represents about 4% of the total Carbon dioxide released by agriculture.

Advantages of Eliminating Meat

  • It increases your lifespan
  • Your skin feels healthier
  • Reduces obesity
  • More economical
  • Improves metabolism
  • Reduces the risk of cataract development

Steps to Eliminate Meat from Your Diet

It is never too late to make changes in our lives.

Removing meat out of our meals is nothing to be scared of, but instead an amazing option towards a healthier life and greater longevity.

It not only eliminates the chances of getting a stroke for instance, but also helps to loose weight as it cuts down your daily calorie intake.

No doubt, all of this will seem difficult at first, especially for pro-eaters of meat, but I guarantee you will begin to see some healthy visible changes in your body.

Use Meat-Free Alternatives

Visit your local super-markets, and you would be surprised at the variety of options you have if you choose to live meat-free.

You can swap meat burgers with vegan alternates for example. Just search for them in the freezer section.

Make an Effort to Eat Less Meat

For sure will be times when you’ll feel like going back.

You might slip up during these vulnerable moments though, commit to it, and make a target.

To achieve success, you need to make yourself more goal-oriented. Keep in mind that doing this will make you healthier.

Ensure that you do not cheat with your gut and are being honest with yourself.

If you have decreased the portions of meat in your meal plan, then do not consume more than the specified amount.

Plan Your Meals

Planning meals is a necessary step to improve your diet if you want to see the results of your efforts.

If you plan, you’re more prepared and are less likely to engage in impulse eating.

Your meal plan should be realistic and carried out in such a manner that you have enough food to last the week.

Be Creative with Your Meals

You need to find new ways to add taste and texture to your food to make them less bland to consume.

You can make pasta with eggplant and chili as the main ingredient, and it will have the same taste and texture as the one with animal products in it.

Ingredients like beans, lentils, nut butter, humus and chickpea are not only full of nutrients as they add a wonderful taste to your meals as well, so don’t forget to use them.

Be diverse in choosing fiber-based products and veggies. Keep yourself equipped with instructions related to eating vegetable and fiber foods.

Keep One Day A Week for Keto

Choose one day out of the seven to do keto. A keto diet allows a low-carb but high-fat diet.

That step is also important to many people because their body cannot adapt at once from a meat diet to a meatless one.

Even though you still gonna be eating some meat, don’t miss your goal, and gradually reduce its proportions, so your body becomes less used to it day by day.

Be Proud of Your Achievements

Take a look back and see much you achieved throughout your journey to stop eating meat.

Reward yourself for the progress that you have made as this will give a sense of gratitude, which will strengthen your healthy habits.

Enjoy while eating as it will have healthier effects on the body.

You will soon realize that your target of eliminating meat from your diet has been achieved.


Eliminating meat from your diet is not as laborious as many of us think.

No doubt that meat is delicious and tempting, but how aware we are of its risks and want to make an effort to stop with it?

We all know that meat is not actually the type of food that represents what we call healthy, but even though many of us don’t seem to worry, and rather think about it.

By being more mindful about it, you can get a hold of yourself and gradually stop eating meat.

Replacing meat with plant-based products is for sure more nutritious and body-friendly option.

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