How To Stop Procrastinating And Exercise

Stop Procrastinating And Exercise

How To Stop Procrastinating And Exercise

Stop Procrastinating And Exercise

Most of us are losing our fitness goals because we do not know how to stop procrastinating and exercise.

People often mistake procrastination for laziness. In fact, laziness has nothing to do with it.

You probably heard people saying, “I work well under stress”.

That clears out that you are not lazy; you’re just passing the time and leaving the task to the last minute.

Procrastination is a decision that you make to delay things willingly and convince yourself that you can do it somewhere in the future.

But is important to understand that we cannot achieve a healthy and fit body overnight. Instead, we have to work every day to reach our desired health goal. 

When we procrastinate we usually delay things to make the present time a little less stressful. But ironically, it ends up stressing us up even more, as explains Pat Ladouceur, Ph.D. to

Moreover, long-term procrastinating can even hinder your self-esteem with guilt and destroy your will to do something.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.

‒‒‒‒William James

Here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you stop procrastinating and exercise more often. 

1. Don’t Catastrophize

In an article to Psychology Today, Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. wrote:

“One of the biggest reasons people procrastinate is because they catastrophize, or make a huge deal out of something”.

In other words, people make a massive deal of something in their minds and continuously overthink about it.

You don’t need to delay things just because you think they are hard or tedious.

Catastrophizing can be of anything, like thinking of how sweaty you’ll get after a workout.

Whatever the case is, don’t waste your precious time thinking too much on things you should just go there and do, and don’t be pessimistic.

Pessimistic people anticipate problems they don’t even know if they will be there.

Sometimes what you need to do is to act more and think less! Just get up of your bed, stop procrastinating, and exercise.

2. Set Achievable Goals

You might start a workout that only by thinking stresses you out. You definitely don’t want to bound yourself for failure before starting anything.

Set a goal or schedule a workout routine that is achievable, convenient, and easy.

Workouts that will get you out of your couch easily and get you working.

Soon, you’ll find yourself stretching your goals step by step without any prompt drawbacks. 

Look For Convenient Tasks

Indulging yourself in a convenient environment and tasks is going to help you procrastinate less.

Find things that are accessible for you at the time rather than going for a long run.

You can do easy tasks like parking a few blocks away from your college/office, taking the stairs, walk to the nearest stores, etc.

Moreover, you can do a few squats, lunges, or planks whenever you find free time during your college/office hours. 

Perform Enjoyable Exercises

Think about what you love the most and use it in exercise. For instance, if you dance, then it can be a great way to exercise.

If you love music, play your favorite playlist while you’re exercising. Or if you like traveling, make hiking trips more often.

Moreover, if you like swimming or sports, sign up for swimming lessons or into your fav sports team.

This way, your passion can be a reason to avoid daily excuses of not to exercise. 

3. Prepare Beforehand

A major reason for skipping exercise is to have an excuse for not preparing things as well as yourself before you go.

Like when you wake up early in the morning for a walk, you might struggle a bit to find any clothes and workout equipment while you still warm up.

One way to solve this obstacle is to take out your workout gear the night before.

This way, it will be easier even if you don’t plan for a workout; you’re already halfway there.

You’ll find yourself motivated to get out of bed and get dressed for it. 

4. Inspire Yourself on Those that Overcame It

Inspiration is what gets us restarted every time we go down the road of procrastinating.

Follow some workout enthusiasts, fitness guides, and social media fitness models.

By looking at those inspiring fitness journeys, you’ll get motivated to make one of yours too. 

Visualize Success

Have a deep thought at how much good you’ll look in those jeans that you had bought earlier but don’t fit you anymore.

Think how much attractive and inspiring you’ll be looking in good health.

Or think of your family, how happy they’ll get by seeing you get in a healthy routine.

Imagine you being proud of yourself on how much you achieved and that you’re inspiring your circle to do the same.

All this is going to boost you up with motivation and enthusiasm to work hard and stop procrastinating. 

5. Give Yourself Time

Miracles don’t happen overnight in workout lifestyles.

This game has a slow and steady rule that you’ll win someday by consistently believing in yourself. 

Talk To Yourself

Make a list of your goals. Talk yourself through them. Tell yourself why they are good for you and how you are going to achieve them.

You have to fight your own mind battle and put your mind at peace.

Stressing out will only lessen your confidence level and disturb your workout. Be kind to yourself! 

Believe Your Efforts Are Working

The key to fitness is patience. You need to remind yourself that only working out will not promptly make significant changes in you.

Your body is going to require energy from a well-balanced diet too. 

Other than that your workouts gonna be waste of time. Your body is going through a lot of processes simultaneously.

It will require some time to get in proper shape. You can track your progress by checking your weight or comparing pictures monthly.

Even on the days when you feel like there is no change, hang in there! Your achievements you begin to show up eventually soon.

Let Go Of Perfectionism

“Procrastinators are often perfectionists”, says Psychology Today.

People mostly wait to let things get perfect to start something or want perfect results in less time. Perfectionism is nothing but a mentality.

This all-or-nothing mindset is what is holding you back from achieving your fitness goals.

You need to let it go and overcome this fear of failure. Focus on getting better and better instead of being perfect. 

6. Workout Buddy

Exercise can cause you to stay a little by yourself for a while, and that is another reason why you don’t want to put your phone aside, even when you know you have to do it.

Although, it can get exciting and enjoyable if you find a workout buddy

Convince a family member to join you in the morning walk. Or try to join at the same gym as your friend’s.

This will get you easier out of your home just because you know you gonna meet someone

Moreover, we usually tend to feel more responsible for others like friends and family than for ourselves.

That’s why setting up a meeting with someone and not coming back on our word is also a great way to squash procrastination. 

The Bottom Line

Don’t let yourself do comforting things like watching Netflix, eating pizza, or check social media before a workout.

It can be distracting and pull away your energy for the exercise. But don’t forget to reward yourself after it.

Give yourself a thought that you can relax or do whatever you want after you do what you gotta do.

Tell yourself that you can finish it up. Reward yourself with a healthy meal too. This you help you replenish your body after workout.

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